Goodness, I cannot believe that in 52 days we shall all be at Westminster talking to Members of Parliament! That has gone SO quickly, doesn’t seem that long ago at all that I got a call from JDRF asking whether I would be co-chair!!

My family and I have been busy with various preparations, as I imagine many other delegates and their families are too. Our Scrapbooks from JDRF have arrived, so just sorting out what exactly to put in it. Some hard hitting facts in the books too, but these MP’s need to know the facts.

We’ve also attempted to arrange a meeting with out local MP Mr Mark Hoban, however as he belongs to part of the Government in Westminster, is incredibly busy so this was not possible and understandably so. However he is hoping to be able to attend on the 25th next month so a massive thank you to Mark Hoban MP.

We’ve sorted out my press releases, and have sent them out. Now just awaiting a response from the local media and papers!

I’m also busy writing a new speech, and sorting out a Powerpoint presentation to go alongside it ready for JDRF’s Patrons evening on the 29th this month. Which I am so excited to be speaking at! George Dove and his mum Emma will also be there too. I’m hoping my Mum or someone will take a few photographs from the evening so I can show you guys after.

The following day, George and I and our Mums are doing a whole run through in London, of what will be happening at the Type 1 Parliament next month at Westminster. Really looking forward to this, and hopefully will be able to post an update throughout the day on the 30th to let you know how it is going.

Right, think that is it for now and I’ve covered just about everything.

Thanks again for reading,

Amy x

Below is a photograph of my Scrapbook that I am yet to personalise ready for T1 Parliament!


Olympic Torch Relay!!!

I am SO excited!!!!

In December 2011, I received an email saying I was one of 8,000 (out of 28,000 nominations!) selected and given a conditional offer to be an Olympic Torch Bearer for the London 2012 Olympics!!

My slot apparently is on Monday the 16th July 2012, in between Portsmouth and Brighton!

We get 100% confirmation some time this month, as they’re just finishing up doing security checks and verifying that all stories are genuine. I was nominated for my involvement with JDRF and doing my various speeches and fundraising, so yet again I find myself thanking JDRF for letting me be involved with these events.

I shall let you guys all know when I get my email from London 2012, confirming 100% for definite sometime this month. Until then thanks for all your support, I’m absolutely honoured to have been nominated, let alone selected!

The other good news is that a few other delegates also going along to Type 1 Parliament have been selected too. Which is fantastic news and will hopefully support our cause even further when talking to MPs in Westminster.

Massive thanks again to JDRF!

Amy x

Photograph Copyright London 2012 Olympics.

Addenbrookes Hospital, with HRH The Duchess of Cornwall and JDRF.

On Wednesday 8th February 2012, I was invited up to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge with JDRF, to meet HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, along with other co-chair of the Parliament event George Dove.

After a quick briefing from JDRF staff, George and I made ourselves comfortable in the room in which we were meeting HRH. George and I sat either side of HRH, with Karen Addington (Chief Executive at JDRF) and Professor David Dunger sat on the other side of us.

After Karen had introduced us to HRH, we all sat down round the table under the watchful eye of the media at the other end of the room. George and I had both made our own Scrapbooks about our life with diabetes and what it truly means to us. The scrap books showed HRH what it was like to live with type 1 diabetes and how JDRF has benefited us so far and the opportunities we have been auspicious enough to have been given. However most importantly, what a cure would mean to us.

Here are a few photos from the day:

Photos copyright Chris Jackson, Getty Images.

It was a huge honour to be asked to go represent JDRF on this occasion, as it was the first time a member of the Royal Family had wanted to come and learn about the fantastic work and research JDRF carries out.

I cannot thank JDRF enough for asking myself and George along for the day, and we both very much enjoyed ourselves and shall most certainly remember this incredible day for years to come.

Thank you to HRH the Duchess of Cornwall for taking time out of her busy schedule to attend, and again to JDRF for inviting me.

It honestly was an amazing day!

Amy x

Click on the here to go to JDRF’s write up about the day.