4 Days to go!

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe I am saying that!

Firstly, you have my sincere apologies for being so behind with blog posting! Saying I have been slightly busy, is certainly an understatement of a century! Eeek! Been busy writing numerous speeches ready for the day and sorting out who is saying what with my fellow co-chair George Dove. 🙂 Also been rather busy with mountains of college work!


To say I am getting excited about next week is certainly an understatement. I truly cannot believe how quickly it has come round! The run through a few weeks ago went really well, was really good to have a look where exactly we’d be going. The terrace marquee looks fabulous and it will be amazing with all the MP’s and delegates there. Can vouch for the hotel too, for anyone reading who is going up on Tuesday. 😉 The speech went well I think at the Patrons Evening, below is a photo of Karen Addington Chief Executive of JDRF and I, taken after we’d finished all the speeches at the Patrons Evening at the Foundling Museum.


Well I have made a mental list of everything I need to bring (including all diabetic supplies of course) ready for our train journey up on Tuesday morning!

Well apologies again that it is just a brief post,

So excited!!

See you all soon, thanks again for your support!

Amy x






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