First Day of the Parliament Event

Good evening!

I hope you’re all well. Apologies in advance if this does not make much sense, am barely awake and keeping my eyes open with matchsticks! Haha!

First day seems to have gone really well, and there is such a lovely atmosphere and a real buzz about tomorrow! Started off at 11am, where a small group of us met to have official press release photographs taken, we just managed to dodge the rain! Fingers crossed it works out that way tomorrow too. We then had a few hours free time, so went to grab a bite to eat for lunch. We were then all got our keys to our hotel rooms, and ditched our bags in the rooms Then all met downstairs in the restaurant/bar area of the hotel and settled down to listen to the speakers.

George and I did one of our speeches today, think it went pretty well! All seemed to flow from one speaker to the next too. We then had a quick tea and coffee break, then dispersed out into allocated groups and discussed everything that would be happening tomorrow, how to talk to your MP and what about etc which was really good and interesting. Was also lovely to get a chance to meet and chat to people that were roughly your age too. We also went through all the main points as to why we were going tomorrow, our main aims and goals and what we’d be doing after the event too with our MP’s.

We had half an hour or so free time to get refreshed, ready for dinner where we were sat in our coloured zone groups. Sorted out by where we live, so we got a chance to know one another before tomorrow and talking to our MP’s!

Right I am pretty exhausted now, and as I am up at 5.30am tomorrow suppose I should sign off really!

Thanks for reading, will posts updates when I can tomorrow!
Kind Regards,

Amy x

Finally a mobile phone snap taken this morning, after the official photographer had finished!



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