Olympic Torch Relay!!!

I am SO excited!!!!

In December 2011, I received an email saying I was one of 8,000 (out of 28,000 nominations!) selected and given a conditional offer to be an Olympic Torch Bearer for the London 2012 Olympics!!

My slot apparently is on Monday the 16th July 2012, in between Portsmouth and Brighton!

We get 100% confirmation some time this month, as they’re just finishing up doing security checks and verifying that all stories are genuine. I was nominated for my involvement with JDRF and doing my various speeches and fundraising, so yet again I find myself thanking JDRF for letting me be involved with these events.

I shall let you guys all know when I get my email from London 2012, confirming 100% for definite sometime this month. Until then thanks for all your support, I’m absolutely honoured to have been nominated, let alone selected!

The other good news is that a few other delegates also going along to Type 1 Parliament have been selected too. Which is fantastic news and will hopefully support our cause even further when talking to MPs in Westminster.

Massive thanks again to JDRF!

Amy x

Photograph Copyright London 2012 Olympics.